I have relied on Sole Traders to service my shoes and shirts for several years now, in which time I have also had watch straps and bags repaired, hip flasks engraved and keys cut by them. Jem, the owner, offers a great value service, and is a friendly, genuine chap - I'll be sad to see him leave Sicilian Avenue.


27/06/2015 I've been taking my Chelsea boots and my partners heels to Sole Traders for the purpose of replacing the leather soles and heels for a few years because of good service. The value in price for the quality of work does not compare to the competition the result of which is worth the visit.


12/4/2015 Always pop in to Sole Traders to have my heels re-heeled, husband's work shoes re-soled, and my watch battery replaced. The guy who works there is so nice, he once let me pay for my order the day AFTER, since I didn't have any cash and he had a minimum on card payments. I mean, you can't get better service than that. Having been to one too many rude and disappointing Timpsons across London, it was a relief to find a place that I can return to again and again for my well-worn shoes (that's what London does to you - the pavements ruin your shoes!).

Jamie T

28/11/2012 Near my work, so I am forever having them cut me new keys. They are always very pleasant, polite and quick. I usually ask if I can wait in the shop while they cut my keys, and this has never been problem. Keys with a smile, in 5 minutes, and at a very reasonable rate.

Molly B

03/02/12 I've worked in London a long time and been to a lot of shoe repairs and not found one that meets my standers until I went to Sole Traders. The guys that work there are top blokes and can work wonders for your shoes.....


22/10/14 Great customer service, result and very reasonably priced - definitely coming back. I brought in a completely new pair of LK Bennett heels that needed a rubber sole (as it only had a very thin leather sole). Since they were completely new (and patent leather which can easily be visibly scratched/marked) I did not just want to bring them anywhere. I did a google search and found this shoe repair shop and I was very pleased with both the customer service and the result - not only did he show that he understood my concerns about the scratching or getting glue on the patent leather part, but the result was perfect.

Ida Sundstrom

14/05/2014 Tricky key cutting from a copied key, done in a flash and the key worked like a magic on the first go. A professional work. Worth a few yards extra walk from Holborn station. Highly recommended. (£4 @May 2014) Initially I tried Timpson nearby. The guy there was very friendly but the key didn't work and went back there for a couple of times (so, they cut 3 keys in total) but the 3rd one was still hardly reliable. Took the same key to Sole Traders, and the solemn-looking gent did the job straight away, and this one works as good as my old copy. The shop is slightly hidden from the main street but worth the effort.

Muse Sekken

28/07/2015 Sole Traders represent a dying breed of small business. The guys are amenable ; flexible and always helpful. Great Service. Long may that continue.

Ed Sexton

Top guy! very reasonable and fair service provided. Thank you and hope to see you again soon.


8/5/2016 Good service. Good prices. Excellent work. I've been coming here for years with boots and shoes and will continue to do so.


Went on a Saturday morning during a visit to London and spoke to the really helpful lady who did an excellent temporary repair to my wife's boot that is still going strong! Great service and would definitely recommend on the strength of this occasion. Thank you very much!

Liam Vincent

8/11/16 I've had a watch battery that I needed replacing, and a pair of heeled boots that I needed repairing and so figured I'd give Sole Traders a go mainly because they are only a few minutes walk from home. The service was excellent: when I rang to enquire how long it would take for the repair and replace, I was told they both could be completed while I waited. Upon receiving my goods back, I was extremely impressed by the quality of repair on my boots! Both heels had been replaced and the shoes buffed up and shiny as if they were brand new!! Very happy with both the service and the price. Thank you!!

Mai-Lan Tran

18/11/16 Fantastic and very good service

Thurstan Redding

Absolutely great service! Very helpful, customer service is excellent , very friendly guys. They change a zip in my shoe and the work was brilliant! I'm sure will be back there again and will definitely recommend Sole Traders to every one I know.


28/4/17 Quality with a smile

Mark Dibley

The BEST cobblers I've come across by a country mile. I used to have my boots healed from what I thought to be a good establishment every three-four months. It is now 8 months approx since I had them done last because at Sole traders they use a quality heel. Trust me people, don't waste your money on Micky mouse cobblers, go to Sole Traders where the products and service are good are excellent.


12/5/2017 As a pmc with a portfolio of over 50 properties across London. I use multiple lock smiths across the city. These guys are completely professional, couldn't recommend them enough.

Supremo Fortis

A*** Best and most reliable watch repairs in London, better than top notch branded specialists. Will become my local watch service from here on out. Thank you for fast repair and 10/10 service.

Rosie Mizon

Regular customer, always Great customer service!

Maz K

24/6/17 Best cobbler in London. I have a pair of straw slippers that I wanted soled, which I knew would be a specialist job and not the easiest to do. After visiting five other shoe cobblers I finally found Shoe Traders Shoe Repairs in Aldgate East. The cobbler here (and I'm sorry I didn't get his name) is fantastic, not only was he more than capable of doing a niche, specialist job, he did it perfectly, and with a two day turnaround. I will send everyone here from now on. Thanks so much!

Jenna Whelan

All I can say is wow!! Soletraders are fantastic. I had a shoe "emergency" summer sandals with with a toe post had come away on my way to work and I had no back up so had to walk from Shadwell station to Leman Street with one shoe to work!!! A colleauge recommended that I go to Sole traders. I didn't have much hope as it had happened a few years previously and the shoe repairers had said there was nothing they could do. Jem was amazing he repared them in approx 10minutes and didn't charge me( probably took pity on me :-D)) I was able continue with my day and laugh about my embarrassment. I was so impressed I took a bag for repair the next day. Professional and experts in their field. I'd definitely recommend them.


Gem is a top guy! so lovely and helpful! some sorting out on my leather heels needed- everyone else said no. This shop just told me to come in and sorted things out for me in no time. good prices, excellent services! recommend this shop to all the ladies and gents! :)

Dr. Mudgal

21/09/17 Very friendly. I called to ask if it was open and the guy waited for me to arrive before close.

Eva Perez

Jem did a fabulous work on my shoes! Defo recommend his work and dedication!


5/1/2018 Very friendly service and pleased with the work done on my shoes. Also providers of vibram soles which not many shoe repairers are.

Claire Williams

Gem is a top guy!!so lovely and helpful! some sorting out on my leather heels needed- everyone else said no. This shop just told me to come in and sorted things out for me in no time. good prices, excellent services!! recommend this shop to all the ladies and gents! :)

Charu Mudgal

7/12/17 Amazing service and very polite staff, i will always bring my shoes to get repaired at Sole Traders. Thank you guy's

Anamaria Masaru

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